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Boarding the Lexington

Posted on 03 Jul 2020 @ 12:52am by Captain Martin Collins & Commander Roscoe Mayhew & Petty Officer, 2nd Class Harlow Harcrow & Petty Officer, 2nd Class Alanna Morrison & Able Crewman Morgan Ryan & Daniel Bishop

Mission: Fool's Errand
Location: USS Lexington
Timeline: MD 3 || 1300 hours

Marty carefully pushed the burned bulkhead out of the way. The starboard phaser bank had taken damage years ago, probably before the ship had to run and hide. The bulkheads around the area had been badly burned, and the repair drones must have never reached the area. In fact, Marty had only spotted one drone since boarding, and it had been cut in half by a fallen support strut.

The Captain hadn't expected to find the ship in perfect condition, yet he had hoped that it would have been better than this. At least emergency lighting was still intact and operational, though it was extremely dim.

He readied his phaser as he slipped out into the corridor. Marty then knelt behind a support strut to keep himself from view except to the boarding party. He listened intently for a moment, hoping to pick up on any sounds like footsteps or creaking that might indicate that they'd been detected. Satisfied, he waved to the rest of the team to come out and join him.

He then also pointed to an open hatch beside him. "Looks like a duotronic distribution hub," he observed. "Ryan, see if you can interface with it and tell us what works around here. Anyone see lifesigns on their tricorder?"

"Negative," Mayhew said. "Nonetheless, I suggest we secure an area as a bunker from which we conduct coordinated searches of all decks and quarters. Only then can we safely perform diagnostics."

"It'll have to be a place with command functions," Marty pointed out. "Orions may be on this ship, but no one knows Starfleet command codes like a ragtag bunch of humans. We'll have that advantage, just so long as the command areas aren't compromised."

Daniel kept close, disruptor in one hand, tricorder in the other. "This isn't right. Too easy. You don't go through this kind of effort and leave it open for anyone to show up and take your prize. We're walking into a trap, just a question of where."

Marty looked beside him to face Bishop. "You saw the other ship. It was an interceptor just like ours. There can't be more than thirty Orions on board, and that's if we're lucky. We've got to count on the fact that there's a few friendlies too. All the more reason to get to a section with decent computer access to figure out what we're dealing with."

The Captain then pointed up, then down. "The bridge is three decks above us, and Auxiliary Control three below. Engineering's out of the question since we'd have to pass the Orion ship to get there. I say we start with the less obvious of them all and go straight for Auxiliary Control."

"The bridge is probably where their own captain is. Why not show of the prestige of their 'prize' so to speak." Morgan stated as she read information off of the tricorder she had managed to plug into one of the ports on the duotronic hub. "Looks like every other deck is powered down to conserve energy and the warp core is offline. Local power mostly."

"Means either they haven't been here that long," Marty supposed, "or there aren't that many survivors and they powered down the ship just to drag it out. Or both really."

Marty nodded to Ryan. "You're probably right about the bridge. We'll definitely head for Auxiliary Control. The Orions may have the ship, but we're Starfleet, and no one knows the technology better than us. Roscoe... station a couple men at the interceptor, and then a couple inside the Jefferies Tube access. The rest of us will head straight for Auxiliary Control."

"Yes, sir." Mayhew went to assemble the scarce Security personnel on hand to give out their assignments. "Listen up, men. We're going into an unknown situation with no intelligence whatsoever. That means this is either going to be a milk run or an ambush. You hold the line no matter what. Any retreat we make is going to be a hasty one, and we can't afford to get surrounded."

The Security officers nodded their understanding.

"Alpha team secures our transport. Beta team secures the Jefferies tube. The rest are on me, and we keep the captain and the fixers alive. No man left behind. Any questions?"

All heads shook, indicating the negative.

"All right. Move out!"

As the security team mobilized, Marty also had the rest of the small team of engineers and specialists, including Harcrow and Morrison, join them as well. "The nearest tube gangway should be around the corner and just a few feet away. Mayhew, secure the tube and we'll head for deck seven."

Everyone was assigned, so Mayhew took point with Beta team at his back. His fire-team hung back with Alpha while Beta secured the Jeffries tube. Mayhew paused at the entrance and provided cover while Beta took defensive positions up and down the Jeffries tube.

"Clear!" said Beta Team Leader.

"Let's go," Mayhew said to his fire team. He wore two Type 1 phasers, one on each thigh in drop-leg holsters that would keep his hips unrestrained. Rather than a Type 3 phaser rifle, he wore a bandoleer lined with stun grenades.

Two Security officers armed with Type 3 phasers took position behind him while two others fell to the rear behind the specialists. Beta Team charged their phaser rifles and settled in for sentinel duty while Alpha Team remained with the Orion interceptor.

Alanna came through the hatch and onto the Lexington with her phaser in her hand. She'd obviously used them multiple times before because of her training but it still felt weird in her hand. She had her medical kit slung over her shoulder and moved toward the Captain, not really sure, after hearing the security run down.

Harlow had his phaser in hand, a half-pace behind Alanna as they appeared through the hatch. His blue eyes widened, looking around as they boarded the Lexington. He wasn't sure whether it was standard to be holding a phaser but, none of it was ordinary - he had assumed. They had just flown an interceptor, which belonged to the Green heads, to find a Federation Starship.

Marty led the rest of the team to the Jeffries Tube. As soon as he arrived at the top of the ladder, he nodded to the posted guard. Marty holstered his phaser and grabbed a hold of the ladder. Without further hesitation, he started to descend.

Daniel brought up the rear, turning around periodically to look around for anyone possibly sneaking up them. He would be the last one to go down the Tube, covering the corridor with his disruptor.

As Marty was the first to enter the tube, aside from the security detail that had secured the exit, he was the first to exit. He nodded to the woman on point before starting to venture out to scout their perimeter. Granted he wouldn't go past just a few meters from the egress, Marty still wanted to make sure there wasn't any Orion in close proximity.

Various doors lay open, revealing storage compartments, equipment lockers, EPS access junctions, as well as workrooms. Each was found in the same condition, dirty and dusty. The ship had definitely been vacant for years, and this deck, at least this section, appeared untouched.

Mayhew kept point with his two Security officers. Together they cleared each corner and junction with slice-the-pie zone coverage. Each step of the way they were ready to engage, but so far they found nothing.

"I don't get it," Mayhew said over his shoulder to Marty. "Where the hell is everyone?"

Marty kept his weapon at the ready, but it was pointed upward near his shoulder. His eyes started to look for anywhere that had been disturbed, indicating that someone would have been come through this deck at least some time recently. He had no answer for Mayhew, nor did he try to offer one. "Auxiliary Control should be just ahead. We can access the logs from there and hopefully solve that mystery."

"I mean... it looks like they abandoned ship or something. I dunno about you, but that's just kinda freaky if you think about it." Morgan said as she stuck close to the head of the pack, a little because she knew it was likely Marty and Mayhew were two of the more competent fighters if trouble hit, but also her own curiosity now. This ship was something else, even 20 years later it still looked top of the line. "Strange so many doors are open though."

"Doors take power to open," Marty reminded Ryan. "Not as much as lights, but still it's something. It's likely someone salvaged this area a while ago." He stopped to look into one of the rooms. "Sickbay," he muttered, shining a flashlight around. "Most of the tools and medications look like they're missing, but it's still dusty. Odds are, if there was any crew left aboard, they isolated themselves to other decks and took what supplies they needed with them."

Alanna looked around the sickbay wide-eyed, "this must have been something when it was in action." She was clearly impressed by the place that she would be working if assigned to a ship of this class. It was magnificent and wondered what it must have been like when Starfleet had multiple of these.

"Stow the cross talk," Mayhew barked in a harsh whisper. "Auxiliary Control is just ahead." Using hand signals, he sent his two forward security officers to one side of the entrance while he and a fourth took the other side.

Once they were in position, Mayhew pulled a stun grenade from his bandolier and yanked the pin with his teeth. He spit the pin on the ground as he let the grenade "cook off" in his hand for a few seconds so that it would detonate immediately after he tossed it.

And toss it he did. The detonation felt underwhelming from the hallway, but anyone inside Auxiliary Control was sure to be shellshocked. Mayhew gave a two count with his free hand and then made a fist. It was go time.

"Move!" he ordered. "Remember your zones of fire!"

The four of them charged into the room, crossing to the far side from the direction of entry in order to clear any potential enemy fire. Two officers took a knee, Mayhew and his partner went high, leaving ample room for everyone else to add support as they may.

Marty entered Auxiliary Control and placed his phaser in its holster. The room had definitely seen better days. Hints of damage could be seen around the dark room, as were splotches of blood, and a few bladed weapons. He knelt down and picked one up, recognizing the d'k'tang immediately. "I think we have one answer," he told the group. "Ryan, see what you can access from here."

"Soo... we're sure there are not more Klingons here right?" Morgan asked as she eyed the bladed weapon, moving past the security officers and into the Auxiliary Command room. Moving to a console, she began poking at it trying to see if it had any power.

It did not.

Grabbing at the edges of the panel, Morgan pulled at it, taking the top off exposing the inner workings the engineer pulled a wired, smaller version of a console display from her bag. It was a custom piece of work she had made, allowing her to access panels that were supposed to be dead with a power supply and the connections for most systems she had run across. Tapping the wires into the system, she was rewarded as information began scrolling across her screen. "So... whoever is here is pulling power from Engineering into sensors and life support, not much else at the moment. Looks like this room is mostly still connected to ships systems, its just not being supplied power. I could try and get power rerouted, but that would probably throw up some flags."

Marty joined the woman behind the main console to take a look at her display. "Sensors and life support?" he repeated. "Then our friends haven't been here all that long. Can you access the sensors or any visual feeds around the ship? And, can you tell what systems are functional even though they're not powered?"

Alanna stood just behind her uncle, but a couple feet back not wanting to get in the way, she wanted to offer to help and her mouth actually opened to say something but she changed her mind. What could she possibly do to help other than bandage a finger cut on a rough panel?

"Uhh... not from here." Morgan responded as she tapped at her display. "Sensors I can get you, but finding out what systems are still working just down would be better done from Engineering." She turned to look at the Captain, "Which... probably has Orions in it."

The Captain nodded, already thinking about the next phases. "We have to assume that the Orions are already in the systems, so the less we can mess with them here the better. Roscoe, escort Morgan and the rest of the team to Engineering. Bishop, you and Harcrow will come with me to the bridge. We'll have to hit both areas at the same time, just to be sure one group doesn't get to communicate with the others. Alanna? You take your pick, but it might be best to stick with the Engineering team."

"Aye, Captain." Mayhew turned to his Security officers and quickly paired them off with a quick series of hand gestures.

"If we think there might be a higher chance of problems on the bridge then I should go with that team," Alanna said.

Marty could read between the lines here, and knew that Alanna didn't want to go into the belly of the beast with unknown faces. "Very well then. Keep communicators on silent. When an area is secure, use three red flashes to signal. Open communications after both areas are secure. Either way, report in to the interceptor in one hour."

The Captain smiled. "Let's take out the trash."


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